Sell your Oklahoma house in less than a month, no matter what condition it’s in.

Hi, we’re Metro Cash Offer, a real estate investment company that pays cash for homes here in Oklahoma. If you’re looking for a fast solution to selling your home and getting out from under your property, and a realtor can’t help you, we can.

We pay cash for homes in just about any condition, so you don’t have to make any repairs at all. In fact, you can leave whatever you want behind, and we’ll take care of it. We can close on your home in as fast as 7-10 days, or we can wait longer if that’s what you want – it all depends on your situation and timeline.

It’s no secret there are lots of companies who buy homes quickly here in OK, so you may be wondering what sets us apart. Well, mainly because we’re here to help you! When we meet, you can tell us about your situation, show us your house and we will discuss options so you can decide what best fits your need. If we see a better route for you to take using our 14+ years experience with real estate then we simply tell you so and help you get there. You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a call to discuss.

We’re an ethical company: paying what we say we will, and not pressuring you to make a decision that’s not good for you. After you hear our no-obligation offer, you can take your time to think it over. And we strive to create win-win deals, so if we can’t help you, we’ll let you know that! We really want a solution that’s going to be good for you.

Where we buy:

We buy houses just about anywhere in Oklahoma, including:

Benefits of working with us:

Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • We pay cash for homes in Oklahoma.
  • You don’t have to list your house on the market.
  • We handle closing costs and paperwork.
  • We buy as-is.
  • We can close in less than 30 days.
  • We can help you avoid foreclosure
  • Move fast for a job
  • Get rid of bad renters
  • Get cash for an inheritance property you don’t want to manage

How it works:

The process is simple:

  1. Call us or fill out the form below. This gives us more info about your situation. We’ll contact you right away, usually in just a few hours.
  2. We’ll set up a time to come meet you and inspect your home to get an accurate offer number and make sure it’s a win-win for both of us.
  3. You can decide if you want to take our offer. If it’s not right for you, we can help point you in a different direction, or use our 14+ years experience to help you find a way forward.

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We Buy Oklahoma City Properties In Any Condition.  See If Your Property Qualifies For An All Cash Offer

Are you facing any of these problems?

  • Are You In Foreclosure or Are About To Be?
  • Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?
  • Do You Own A Vacant Property?
  • Did You Inherit An Unwanted Property?
  • Do You Need To Relocate Quickly And Need To Sell Your Current House Fast?
  • Do You Want To Avoid Paying Realtor Commissions?
  • Are You Going Through A Divorce?
  • Do You Have Little Or No Equity And Need To Sell?

If so, our company specializes in solving real estate problems… especially ones that pose a financial burden on you the homeowner.  We can solve almost any financial problem that real estate throws at you.

Our entire focus is to empower you to take back control over your situation, by knowing all of the options available to you right now.  By simply filling out the short form below or giving us a call, we can help you make sense of all of this confusion and present you with your options that can potentially change your life and get it back to normal.

After you send us information about your situation below, usually within 48 hours we’ll give you a call so we can show you the options to help solve your current situation.

All of this 100% free to you (we don’t charge you any fees). 100% no hassle. 100% no obligation. No commitment.

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