77. Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling The Traditional Way In Norman, OK

Do you have a property that is just sitting on the MLS? It happens quite often, and there are usually similar reasons why it isn’t generating the interest you would like to see. In our latest post, we will help you figure out why your house isn’t selling the traditional way in Norman, Oklahoma and what you can do about it.

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Bad Listing

A listing can be bad in several ways. A big one we often see is bad pictures. People don’t want to see other peoples clutter plain and simple. While you might be able to remove all of your possessions from the photos, a good deep cleaning is necessary as well! We have seen people use photos with piles of laundry on their beds, dishes in the sink, and stacks of items in the corners. Make the effort to get your property in the best condition for your listing photos. You see it time and time again… bad photos can ruin a house’s chance of being sold.

The listing can also be unattractive if it has a poor description. It should clearly describe the house without sounding phony or like all the other listings out there with useless filler words. It should capture attention while clearly outlining what to expect with the property. With a direct sale to Metro Cash Offer, you won’t have to worry about bad listings or even having to market the property. We will buy it as-is, no cleaning or marketing photos are needed.

Incorrectly Priced

While most Norman agents will be honest about what your house will sell for, there are others who will inflate the asking price in order to get you to sign a listing agreement. Do the research yourself and get multiple options as to the value of your house. Look at what other homes have sold for, not just ones that are currently listed.  Factor in the repair costs, and be objective in your pricing. When you list too high for the current market, the property will not get the buyer activity you may be hoping for, eventually having to reduce the price. This will push your listing to the bottom and make people wonder if there is something wrong with it because it has been on the market for so long. If it sits on the MLS for any period of time, the amount you are paying in taxes, utilities, insurance, loan interest, and maintenance can add up. By selling your home quickly, you will be able to keep more money and skip some hassles.

One of the most important factors when selling a home is pricing it correctly. Setting the wrong price can have a number of negative consequences, particularly in a competitive market like Norman, Oklahoma.

The first and most obvious negative consequence of pricing a home incorrectly is that it may sit on the market for an extended period of time. Overpriced homes often receive fewer showings and less interest from potential buyers, which can make it difficult to sell the home quickly.

Another negative consequence of incorrect pricing is that it may attract the wrong type of buyer. If a home is priced too high, it may only attract buyers who are looking for a bargain or who are willing to negotiate aggressively. This can result in lowball offers that are far below the home’s true value.

On the other hand, if a home is priced too low, it may attract a flood of interest from buyers, but may also leave the seller leaving money on the table. Additionally, pricing a home too low may cause potential buyers to question the home’s value, leading to skepticism or hesitation during the buying process.

Finally, incorrect pricing can also damage a home’s reputation in the market. If a home is repeatedly listed and then taken off the market due to lack of interest or incorrect pricing, it may develop a reputation as an undesirable property or one that is difficult to sell.

Overall, pricing a home correctly is a critical component of a successful sale in Norman, Oklahoma. Working with an experienced real estate agent who understands the local market can help sellers avoid the negative consequences of incorrect pricing and achieve a successful sale.

Needs Work

Most buyers looking for a house in Norman will want it to be turnkey ready. Turnkey ready means the home is ready to live in when they open the door. Moving is hard enough and if they are planning on living in the house right away, the last thing they will want to deal with is a massive renovation or project. If you can’t provide a turnkey home, one way to get around this is to offer a credit for repairs. This can grab people’s attention as they will have the freedom to customize things as they would like. To avoid making repairs offer buyers a credit, and make sure the buyers know they are purchasing your home in Norman as-is.

A Bad Agent

While there are many excellent agents out there, not all of them are as great as they would like you to think. Some are inexperienced and will give you poor advice. Others will not know how to properly market your property. And others will simply be lazy and not respond to potential buyers in time. Many sellers kick themselves for signing a listing agreement with an agent, then ending up having to do much of the work themselves… still having to pay the agent’s commission. With a direct offer from Metro Cash Offer, there are no listings or dealing with agents. We make you an offer and you decide if it’s right for you. There is never any obligation. Fast, easy, friendly, and hassle-free. Consider us the easy button for getting rid of real estate. Need to sell but on a budget?

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