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Derik and Crys Keith just seem like people you’d want to meet. From their obvious love for each other to their passion for the world around them, they bring a special brand of mindfulness and commitment to the real estate market.

From Derik’s original inspiration from a classic Napoleon Hill book, The Law of Success, to their team-based approach to working with clients to find, or sell homes, the couple exude a level of joy in what they do that can be hard to find in today’s jaded world. They are truly committed to their community, their two children, and the larger world around them, to leave it a better place than they found it.

Growing up on a watermelon farm and cattle ranch, in Dibble OK, Derik spent much of his youth exploring the world around him. He developed a strong love for nature that is evident today in his sustainable homesteading, permaculture and aquaponics. Not that he’s living in the past, the former mechanic spent time at OSU Okmulgee studying robotics and automation, looking for ways to improve human life, while preserving our world, through the careful use of technology.

Their team-based approach to real estate hides a bit of a selfish motive, however, as they seek to use their business to build relationships and help people through intentional, project-based initiatives, aimed at helping others achieve sustainable, successful lives. “We want to help people, and this was the best vehicle I could find for getting the resources we needed to be free to do that,” Derik says when asked about why he buys and sells homes and land for a living.

Crys is a new addition to the team, having played a support role in the past, she’s recently joined the ranks and she’s bringing her A game. Crys is passionate about educating their clients to the ins and outs of real estate. “If we can teach our clients what they need to know about working with investors or real estate agents, our job gets easier, and they will be more likely to find and make the deals that can change their lives for the better.”

Metro Cash Offer is a real estate investment company specializing in Homes and Land.   Focusing on properties with great potential that need a little TLC.  “Sometimes folks can’t or do not want to deal with selling a home through a real estate agent due to their time restraints, repairs or many other reasons.  So, we offer a solution to buy properties as-is fast and close on the date of their choice while paying all closing costs.  It’s an easy button!”  Derik says.

Currently living in Blanchard Oklahoma, they serve the greater Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma region with real estate solutions to fit almost any profile. If’ you’ve got questions, would like to see what your home or land is worth, or you’re looking for someone to join you on a kayaking, wild foraging, or hunting/fishing adventure, look them up. They’d love to offer you a spot on the client roster at Metro Cash Offer.


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